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Buy & Sell online with Australia’s
Real Estate Auction Platform.

Transactionroom.com.au is an online exchange system that allows people to sell and buy property through a real time online auction or expression of interest process - and it’s all done on the web via your mobile phone, tablet or PC.

The Transactionroom.com.au platform is customised for auction in every jurisdiction in Australia and is managed by licensed auctioneers in every jurisdiction.

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Transactionroom.com.au is an intuitive, user-friendly system designed for transparency, integrity and convenience.
  • Agents can conduct auctions anytime of the week, not restricted to busy weekends and the inconvenience posed by on-site or in-room auctions.
  • Bidders can register, view and bid for the property from the comfort of their home, office or anywhere with internet connection.
  • Vendors can be assured that the all interested parties will be able to partake in the auction and not be subject to the vagaries of weather, geographic location or the inconvenience of an on-site or in-room auction.
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Transactionroom.com.au streamlines the sale process and puts you in control of buying & selling real estate from anywhere around the world. Reach all possible buyers to achieve market value.
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Entirely web based Online Real Estate Exchange system. Catering for the alternate methods for sale including Auction, Expression of Interest or private negotiation (offer). All users are registered.
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A centralised system for seller and buyer provides a single, secure platform for buyer and seller to interact;
  1. Chat directly between sellers and buyers.
  2. Access to all documentation including contract and disclosure documents. Each property listing is required to display the sale documentation allowing easy central access for buyers.
  3. Simplifying the negotiation process for buyer and seller whether by online auction, expression of interest or private negotiation.